El Frontón is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean near the coast of the city of Callao. It remained uninhabited for centuries, only being a docking site for pirates and corsairs during the Viceroyalty of Peru. In 1907 Jose Pardo y Barreda built a prison to send the most dangerous criminals there. Over the years, they also sent political enemies to prison. The jail stopped working after the 1986 riot during the government of President Alan García. Many figures from different political positions and a considerable number of terrorists were located at Frontón. The riot began in the so-called blue pavilion, in there the inmates took as hostages those who were guarding the prison, they stripped them of their weapons. The navy bombed the area, obtaining the surrender of the inmates and retaking control of the facilities, in this process many of the mutineers perished. There were 28 survivors.