ayacucho – accomarca

During the 20 years of political violence in Peru, Accomarca has reported 114 victims.

laguna de yanacocha – celendin cajamarca

“The Yanacocha Mining Project says that it will be necessary to dry out a lagoon located more than a kilometer south of Máxima’s house to turn it into an open pit mine. Then it would use two other lagoons to deposit the waste there. The Blue Lagoon is one of them. If that happens,  the peasant explains, she could lose everything her family owns. “


Weaving the reed that grows in the Chincha wetlands, 70 artisan families from that town, survivors of last year’s earthquake, have managed to design baskets, toiletry bags, purses and other products.

cantagallo – Comunidad shipiba urbana

During the decade from 1990 to 2000, families of the Shipibo-Konibo ethnic group from Ucayali migrated to the city of Lima, especially in search of better opportunities.

migrations- josé matos mar

Crisis of the State and popular overflow in Peru: the new face of Peru in the 1980s “