H5 knot

Pick and collect. Femicide is the murder of women within a relationship. Unlike other types of murders, femicides usually occur in contexts of domestic life and under situations of trust in the home, as a consequence of gender-based violence. Of the 166 femicides in Peru registered in 2019, the majority were carried out with household objects, such as the knife, hammer, muriatic acid and gasoline. The purpose was to beat, sever, maim, disfigure and / or disappear their victims.

Textile as a format, the point is the structural part that is built in relation to the material with which it is joined, while the spinning as an action that transforms the fiber into thread through enveloping and cyclical actions. The proposed textile uses these two actions to, instead of generating fiber, intervene objects. In summary, the direction of the weave (transformer and enveloping) allows me to incorporate different objects into the fabric and incorporate a texture, where the objects, although they start from the same weave, do not lose their independent shapes. In this way, covering becomes showing. It is also pertinent to add that within the Andean worldview the action of spinning is a way to unify the past and the future within the present. The textile as container and technology serves to inscribe and / or archive culture. In this way, the fabric reveals a feminicide country.